Shamanic Guidance

Shamanic Guidance


The cost of the service is approximately $75.00 hour and most sessions take approximately one hour.

Ruth is pleased to offer services in the area of Shamanic healing and works with her clients to obtain a state of balance and wellness for their body, mind and spirit. Ruth’s intuitive abilities and training in Shamanic practices through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and training with various Shamans, enable her to enter the altered state of consciousness that is necessary for contact with the non-ordinary reality of spirit. As a shamanic practitioner Ruth offers shamanic sessions for an individual’s guidance, empowerment and personal growth. Ruth’s journey work has provided insight and information for the individuals seeking healing and / or information relating to issues they are dealing with. Her work includes power animal retrieval, past life journeys, guidance or healing journeys, space blessings/clearings and drumming ceremonies.

Sessions run for approximately an hour in length depending upon what type of work is being done.

Shamanic Practitioner:Ruth Ziegler
Please contact Aromansse for additional information and/or to schedule appointments.Ruth Ziegler

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